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  • Added enumeration feature to synchronize group reference and group field(s) value
  • Redefined <Group /> element on DataModelFormat.xsd
    • Added @Enum attribute
  • Fixed default and nullable value issue for group reference

  • Removed backward compatibility support for DataModelFormat.xsd revised version from the library (additional projects are added as a separate compatibility support)
  • Enabled folder hierarchy on dataset query
Report author can now specifiy dataset query using either the following syntax:
--Name: DMFSpecificationFileNameWithoutFileExtension
--Name: DMF Specification File Name Without File Extension
--Name: "Folder Name\DMF Specification File Name Without File Extension"
Please note that file or folder path are relative to specification folder configured on RSReportDesigner.config.

In addition, report author can also specify folder hierarchy using forward-slash; as the following query syntax illustrates:
--Name: "Folder Name/DMF Specification File Name Without File Extension"
It was unexpectedly beneficial.

  • Redefined <Group /> element on DataModelFormat.xsd
    • Removed <Index /> element
    • Added @Index and @Ref attributes
  • Added support for group fields reference, i.e. field(s) can now be linked with field group to simulate single row data

  • Fixed field name issue
  • Added support for <Value /> element, as an alternative to <DataField /> element to specify field name and data type

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